Skin Cancer


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So, tomorrow is stage 1 of a 2 step process in getting the skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma) off of my face.

Tomorrow, my dermatologist will use the MOHS procedure to take it off and on Tuesday, my plastic surgeon will close the area.

I am not that nervous about tomorrow because it is done in office and I will not be put to sleep….however Tuesday I will be put to sleep… is considered day surgery….so I will be out of the hospital that day.

My oldest brother is taking me to that.  Another reason I am not that concerned about tomorrow is because I don’t think I will know much since the closing isn’t until Tuesday.  I am a little nervous about the scar, however I am more nervous because it is just below  the sensitive skin of my left eye….I am hoping and praying that the closure goes well!

Pray for me and my doctors please! and thank you! : )

oh, and stay out of the sun and keep your kids out of the sun too!


my dad.


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Today I was working on getting my home office organized and tossing/giving away things that are just clutter.  There is an old bakers rack in my family room that I have decided that I would like to put in the garage to use as shelves.  I went into the garage and started moving some stuff and there was my dad’s old paints.  My dad (passed away in May 2005) use to paint oil paintings…..he use to watch Rob Ross a lot….you know….the ‘happy trees’ guy.  lol

Many times I have thought that I might take up painting one day.  So, today…..I brought my dad’s paints (organized in an old tackle box) into the house and I cleaned it off.  I think I will put them in the spare bedroom.  I think I have his old easel too….if so, I think I will put that in there too.

They don’t take up much space…..and they remind me so very much of my daddy.  I really miss him. 



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Many people feel as though church services were ‘just for them’ or ‘pastor was speaking to me this morning!’. 

I feel as though many people can feel that way, because it is all in how we take things and how we listen to the service.

This morning in church, pastor was talking about how this is not my house, it is the Lord’s house. (my actual home, not talking about the church) and how he opens his doors to many people (to stay there for a period of time) because it isn’t his house, it is the Lord’s house.  Well, that is kind of how I felt about my ex-bf.  I was talking to my mom the other day and I told her that even if my ex’bf and I were just friends at the time he moved in, I would have let him move into the spare bedroom because he was in the process of loosing the place he was staying in.  I would have let him live there rent free until he got a job and then I would expect a contribution….that is what took place.  When he got a promotion….he started contributing more…and that is what I would have expected even if we were just friends.  Now he is doing quite well and is able to get a place of his own….and that is what he did. 

Deep down inside of me, I always feared that he would not stay with me once he got back on his feet. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad we aren’t together anymore, however, the day dreaming I did of the life I thought we were going to live together was awesome.  The only thing I miss is the thing that I never had.

the end of a romantic relationship


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A month ago today, my boyfriend told me that he was moving out.  We had been together for a little over 4 years and living together for a little over 3 years.  I was in shock…..I was scared……I was wondering what I did wrong…..then…..I was relieved.  I love him so very much, but for a while now, I have known that it wasn’t right…..but I was trying to make it work.  I am so happy that he was brave enough to make the first move.  I am now very happy to be his friend.  I miss him, but only as you would miss a friend.

I am now back to being active in my church like I want to be.  He never told me not to go or anything, but since he didn’t go, I slacked off.  I am back among the ladies at church that make me smile.  I am getting older (I turned 48 this year) so I am scared that I might never find the man who will sweep me off of my feet and take care of me the way I will take care of him……but that is okay.

I have faith that God will either send the right man my way or he will take care of me himself.

My heart still hurts a little bit for my ex-bf….but I still know it was the right thing for both of us.

New Vehicle Shopping


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I have been pondering buying a small SUV for a while now.  I wanted a small SUV when I bought my current car (corolla) but I couldn’t afford it.  I can afford a small SUV now so that is what I want.

I have been looking at most of the major makes.
Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, and VW.

I happened to be reading Yahoo’s front page today and there is an article titled:  Top 10 Biggest Recalls of 2013

I looked at the list…..

10) Chrysler

9) BMW

8) Toyota

7) Honda

6) Kia

5) Subaru

4) Honda (again…different vehicles)

3) Toyota

2) Hyundai

1) Chrysler

Hmmmm, who is missing from this list?  VW and Mazda.

VW looks to be more expensive than the norm.

The Mazda has the best advertised MPG.

The Subaru has the highest ground clearance (not shocking) however the Mazda is 2nd.  Before reading this, I was leaning toward another Toyota or maybe a Honda. (The local Honda dealer seems to have an excess of CR-V’s atm).

What do you think?  Should I go with the cheapest?  Does the recall info really weigh in that much?  Have you had good/bad experiences with any maker?


house cleaning/purging


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Yes, cleaning the house and purging stuff is how I plan on spending some of my long weekend.

I am hoping to get most of it done tomorrow because the boyfriend will be at work.  I never seem to get much done when he is home.  Anyone else have this issue?

I have let the house go since my bf moved in.  I was not prepared for the additional work I would have to do when the house size doubled (me, my kid, my bf and one of his kids) not to mention a 1.5 years ago when another of his kids came to live with us.

BTW, I don’t an issue with his kids at all, they are all good kids….and that seems hard to find these days.

I tend to be a little OCD and not being able to achieve this in the same time it use to had me just ignoring the issue….so yea, I need to do some deep cleaning to get it where I want it.

What are you doing this weekend?
How should I reward myself for doing a job well done????

I am trying to stay away from food rewards because I am trying to get to healthy, normal eating…….I am typically a food rewarder and tend to be an emotional eater so I am trying to consciously NOT do that anymore.  It took me quite a while to understand what I have been doing and it is SO hard to undo.  I never thought it would be this hard.  But I am trying!

First day juicing


I tried juicing for the first time yesterday.

I was going to try to do juice only for 3 – 7 days…..however I ended up eating around 5ish because I was so hungry!

I had a baked potato with cottage cheese on top.  I felt full.

I am a little upset with myself that I was not able to do only juice for the whole day.  Thoughts?  Is this normal?

My first juice was apples, carrots, and celery and my 2nd one was kale, cucumbers, lemon, apples and celery.

I had planned to juice at 8am, 12 noon, 4pm and 8pm…..22- 24oz each time.

Advice? TY : )



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When I was younger, I really didn’t understand people who hated people….or how they could hate people and still like me.

Now that I am older…….I totally understand.

See….I hate people now, too.  Yes, there are some exceptions….however the more I live, the more I am exposed to the people who will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want.  Those people suck.  I have ‘my peeps’ and we have a blast and would hurt someone who hurt one of us.  I think those are the people who are worthy of true friends.

Yes, I know they will get what is coming to them.  However, I feel no need to have those people in my life if I can help it (ie. not being able to help it would be co-workers).

I think that is why I love dogs so much.  Dogs love us for who we are.  If we would all live up to who our dogs think we are, this world would be SUCH a better place.

How many of you also hate people?

finally getting a new cell phone


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So, I am FINALLY getting a new cell phone.  Apparently I have had this one since 2009.  I just call and text on the one I have now.  This is my new one:

Yes, I wanted a keyboard.  I text a lot so I figured it would be a good idea.

It should be delivered tomorrow….so there is  a chance that I will be posting messages like ZOMG!  HELP ME FIGURE THIS OUT!!  tomorrow  : )