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When I was younger, I really didn’t understand people who hated people….or how they could hate people and still like me.

Now that I am older…….I totally understand.

See….I hate people now, too.  Yes, there are some exceptions….however the more I live, the more I am exposed to the people who will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want.  Those people suck.  I have ‘my peeps’ and we have a blast and would hurt someone who hurt one of us.  I think those are the people who are worthy of true friends.

Yes, I know they will get what is coming to them.  However, I feel no need to have those people in my life if I can help it (ie. not being able to help it would be co-workers).

I think that is why I love dogs so much.  Dogs love us for who we are.  If we would all live up to who our dogs think we are, this world would be SUCH a better place.

How many of you also hate people?