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So, tomorrow is stage 1 of a 2 step process in getting the skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma) off of my face.

Tomorrow, my dermatologist will use the MOHS procedure to take it off and on Tuesday, my plastic surgeon will close the area.

I am not that nervous about tomorrow because it is done in office and I will not be put to sleep….however Tuesday I will be put to sleep…..it is considered day surgery….so I will be out of the hospital that day.

My oldest brother is taking me to that.  Another reason I am not that concerned about tomorrow is because I don’t think I will know much since the closing isn’t until Tuesday.  I am a little nervous about the scar, however I am more nervous because it is just below  the sensitive skin of my left eye….I am hoping and praying that the closure goes well!

Pray for me and my doctors please! and thank you! : )

oh, and stay out of the sun and keep your kids out of the sun too!