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Today I was working on getting my home office organized and tossing/giving away things that are just clutter.  There is an old bakers rack in my family room that I have decided that I would like to put in the garage to use as shelves.  I went into the garage and started moving some stuff and there was my dad’s old paints.  My dad (passed away in May 2005) use to paint oil paintings…..he use to watch Rob Ross a lot….you know….the ‘happy trees’ guy.  lol

Many times I have thought that I might take up painting one day.  So, today…..I brought my dad’s paints (organized in an old tackle box) into the house and I cleaned it off.  I think I will put them in the spare bedroom.  I think I have his old easel too….if so, I think I will put that in there too.

They don’t take up much space…..and they remind me so very much of my daddy.  I really miss him.