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I have been pondering buying a small SUV for a while now.  I wanted a small SUV when I bought my current car (corolla) but I couldn’t afford it.  I can afford a small SUV now so that is what I want.

I have been looking at most of the major makes.
Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, and VW.

I happened to be reading Yahoo’s front page today and there is an article titled:  Top 10 Biggest Recalls of 2013

I looked at the list…..

10) Chrysler

9) BMW

8) Toyota

7) Honda

6) Kia

5) Subaru

4) Honda (again…different vehicles)

3) Toyota

2) Hyundai

1) Chrysler

Hmmmm, who is missing from this list?  VW and Mazda.

VW looks to be more expensive than the norm.

The Mazda has the best advertised MPG.

The Subaru has the highest ground clearance (not shocking) however the Mazda is 2nd.  Before reading this, I was leaning toward another Toyota or maybe a Honda. (The local Honda dealer seems to have an excess of CR-V’s atm).

What do you think?  Should I go with the cheapest?  Does the recall info really weigh in that much?  Have you had good/bad experiences with any maker?