Gluten? ewwwwwww


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Recently, my daughter and I have figured out that we have issues with gluten.  We have not gone to a doctor about it.  I saw a Dr. Oz show where he talked about the issues that gluten can cause.

We decided to go GF to see if it would help us.  My daughter was having really bad joint pain and was really tired.  For me, I was diagnosed with IBS over 15 years ago and my right knee was giving me pain. 

Going GF has ‘cured’ my IBS and my knee pain.  It has also cured my child’s joint pain and she is not as tired anymore.

If you have any health problems, I urge you to watch the video and look up more about gluten and try going GF.  It isn’t always easy but it might help!  : )


Another Monday.

I  was on PTO (Paid Time Off) from work last week.  What I wanted to do was to level my WoW Toon (Night Elf Priest) to 90 as soon as possible…..howeverrrrrrrr, my role as Mom’s Taxi seemed to constantly interrupt my progress.  It bothered me alot….but what can you do???  ATM I am the only one with a driver’s license and the only one with a car in a house of 5 people.


I did get my priest to level 90 yesterday though.

….finally.    LoL

Now to figure out cooking, alchemy and the farming thing!



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So, about my walk/run thing I am doing.

I started a program I got off of (for free) called “8-Week Rookie Funning Program”  I had completed week 5 when I got sick and couldn’t do it for over a week.  After talking to the bf, I repeated week 5 and worried that I might not be able to handle it.  Well, I was impressed with the progress my body has made when I ‘up’ed’ it from ‘1 min walking 3 min jogging for 32 min’ to ‘1 min walking 4 min jogging for 35 min’…..I was worried, however, my body did it!
Am I sore today, well…yea, but I think that is normal for progress.

Are you doing anything to improve your physical fitness?

The Starbucks Diet???? What you say????


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Yahoo has recently reported that a Christine Hall from Virginia lost 76 lbs. by eating at Starbucks.

Ms. Hall apparently liked the way that Starbucks posts the calorie count on their foods.  This just lends credibility to my claim about loging your food.   My mom actually writes her food down on a note pad.  I log mine into (a free website!  Check it out!).

A nutitionist does sound off about Ms. Hall’s diet not being a good variety, however it seems to me that it was okay!  An example of what Ms. Hall would get is:

Breakfast: oatmeal and coffee

Lunch: a bistro box of fruit and cheese 

Dinner: a panini

Oatmeal?  Good for you…..fruit and cheese?  good for you, fruit and dairy……a panini….sounds like bread, meat, possibly cheese and probably lettuce and tomato.

Could she have done better?  Yes.  But this seemed to work for her.  I think more veggies could have helped her fill full longer and given her more nutrition, but like I said….this seemed to work for her!

My point is that whatever you need to do to make it work for you, do it.  Well, as long as it is basically nutritional and will not harm your health. 
Is it logging your food?  Is it convenient food?  Is it food that tastes like a chef made it?

Figure it out and stick to it.


Carolyn the runner??? What you say?????


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Okay, getting off the boyfriend…..hahhahaha!  I break myself down! (Referencing the 1980something movie ‘Short Circuit” there….yea, I know most of you weren’t born yet, but if was a funny movie….well, funny to me LOL).

I have decided to teach my body how to run.  I have NEVER been a runner before so this is HUGE for me to do at the age of 47…..well, at least for me! 

I found a running schedule on called “From the couch to a 5K!”  It is a really good plan!  My body has responded very positively to it and I can’t believe that I have done so well!  I am going to be done with this running program in the middle of September so I asked my boyfriend (he use to be a personal trainer) to help me with a plan to get to 10K.  It is HUGE for me to think of that, but I would like to eventually run a marathon.  I haven’t told the bf that, so let’s keep that just between us, okay?  Okay.  : ) 

One of my brothers has run in a couple of marathons (Air Force and Marines I think) so I have at least one other person in my family who runs!

So, I am baby stepping it, and from what I have read, that is the way to do running otherwise you get stress fractures and such.  I know I am probably ultra baby stepping it, but I am okay with that!  Lol

What do you like to do for exercise?  Are you a runner?  Walker?  Gym rat?



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It is really hard to live with someone.

My boyfriend just got a promotion at work and will be making close to what I make.  I did the math and I make 52% of the household income and him 48%.

He is now making a little more than twice as much as he was and is going from 32 hours a week to 40.  So, since he is making so much more now, why is he only saying that he is going double his amount for the household expenses?

Why is it so hard for me to speak up and say, “Hey!  We should do the math and figure out the real numbers to see if it is fair.”

Maybe I will find my voice soon and speak up.  I hope so.