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Yahoo has recently reported that a Christine Hall from Virginia lost 76 lbs. by eating at Starbucks.

Ms. Hall apparently liked the way that Starbucks posts the calorie count on their foods.  This just lends credibility to my claim about loging your food.   My mom actually writes her food down on a note pad.  I log mine into sparkpeople.com (a free website!  Check it out!).

A nutitionist does sound off about Ms. Hall’s diet not being a good variety, however it seems to me that it was okay!  An example of what Ms. Hall would get is:

Breakfast: oatmeal and coffee

Lunch: a bistro box of fruit and cheese 

Dinner: a panini

Oatmeal?  Good for you…..fruit and cheese?  good for you, fruit and dairy……a panini….sounds like bread, meat, possibly cheese and probably lettuce and tomato.

Could she have done better?  Yes.  But this seemed to work for her.  I think more veggies could have helped her fill full longer and given her more nutrition, but like I said….this seemed to work for her!

My point is that whatever you need to do to make it work for you, do it.  Well, as long as it is basically nutritional and will not harm your health. 
Is it logging your food?  Is it convenient food?  Is it food that tastes like a chef made it?

Figure it out and stick to it.