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Okay, getting off the boyfriend…..hahhahaha!  I break myself down! (Referencing the 1980something movie ‘Short Circuit” there….yea, I know most of you weren’t born yet, but if was a funny movie….well, funny to me LOL).

I have decided to teach my body how to run.  I have NEVER been a runner before so this is HUGE for me to do at the age of 47…..well, at least for me! 

I found a running schedule on sparkpeople.com called “From the couch to a 5K!”  It is a really good plan!  My body has responded very positively to it and I can’t believe that I have done so well!  I am going to be done with this running program in the middle of September so I asked my boyfriend (he use to be a personal trainer) to help me with a plan to get to 10K.  It is HUGE for me to think of that, but I would like to eventually run a marathon.  I haven’t told the bf that, so let’s keep that just between us, okay?  Okay.  : ) 

One of my brothers has run in a couple of marathons (Air Force and Marines I think) so I have at least one other person in my family who runs!

So, I am baby stepping it, and from what I have read, that is the way to do running otherwise you get stress fractures and such.  I know I am probably ultra baby stepping it, but I am okay with that!  Lol

What do you like to do for exercise?  Are you a runner?  Walker?  Gym rat?