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I grew up with 3 older brothers.

I started gaining weight after I married my now ex-husband.

My highest weight was 293.5 lbs…..and that was back in 1999 or so. 

By 2001 I had gotten down to 265 lbs. or so just by cutting some things out….no exercise.

In 2002 I started walking and got down to around 230 lbs. and I started dating again…….I felt better about myself.

I got a Bf and started gaining weight back.

We broke up……..I was about 250 lbs.

2008 or 9, I went to the Dr. and he gave me an Rx for Aderal.   I got down to 192 lbs. but I was on it for way too long.  I started dating again and stopped taking Aderal because I found out that you aren’t suppose to take it for very long and I was taking it for way too long.  I got a bf.  I started gaining weight back again.

I finally figured out that I was scared of being in a relationship again because of what I went through with my ex-husband.

The relationship I have with my current bf is awesome.  I TOTALLY adore that man.

I am currently not taking any diet drugs……I am following a sensible diet and I am exercising.  I log my food and exercise on sparkpeople.com (it is a free site!  Check it out!).

So far I have lost 13 lbs. 
So, back to the title of this entry.  Deep down inside…..I have always wanted to be a ‘girly girl’….but I grew up a tom boy and by the time I was around the age I could let it shine, I met my now ex-husband and started againing weight and I was then too embarassed to dress like …….what I refer to as a ‘girly girl’

So…………I am thinking that I might be able to actually do this soon.  I can’t even remember when clothes actually looked good on me.  It was over 20 years ago!  I am so excited at the thought that I might look good in clothes again!