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The other day at work, I found myself explaining to a co-worker why I keep track of the food I eat.  She didn’t understand why I have to do this.

I finally broke down and told her that when I met my ex-husband….I was ‘normal’ (meaning not over weight).  While being married to him I changed my eating habits and started to over eat.  The marriage was not a good one and yes, I became someone who ate to fill the void.

After divorcing him, I have lost some, but not all of the weight that I would like to lose.  I have lost some and gained some back.

Oh geez, back to the work story!

I had to explain to her that after over 20 years of eating wrong….I didn’t know how to eat correctly anymore and keeping track of my food was helping me do that until I can do it without thinking about it.  Until it comes naturally to eat right, I will continue to track my food and my exercise.

I think she finally understood.   I had never really thought about it before, but if you haven’t had this issue, I guess you wouldn’t understand the struggle to have to constantly remind yourself to eat correctly.