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Yes, I said it.  I think for all of us who want to get healthy and stop carrying around this extra weight, the scale is a very bad word.  It can even be a source of demotivation

This morning I weighed in more than I did last time.  That can either piss me off and make me work harder of it can discourage me.  When the scale shows a loss, it makes me so happy….but again……my first urge is to reward myself and in the past, rewards = food.

It is tricky!  We have to think everything through and that isn’t easy when our body is already upset because we have been exercising. 

We have an issue with eating.  It is a daily, minute by minute, second by second battle.

Everytime that stupid scale goes up, there is a thought in the back of my mind to just give up.  But I REALLY want it this time…..and you have to REALLY want it to get it when you have been eating wrong for over 20 years.

So…..here I sit…..telling y’all that the scale went up today…..but that’s okay…..I will do it…..and so will you.   
We will do it together.