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I am trying really hard to incorportate exercise in my life everyday.

Yes, I need to lose weight.  I have been eating better and getting more exercise but I am not seeing the results I was wanting to see.  I have been exercising 5 days a week and I am thinking I need to up it to 6, 7 if I can do it.  I will be 47 soon and I think I might be pre-menopausal……so I think it might be harder for me to lose the weight now.  /sigh 

For anyone else out there trying to lose weight…..I would like to suggest a visit to www.sparkpeople.com   It is a great website that is FREE, yes I said FREE!
You can log your food and exercise.  You can set goals.  There are chat communities for support.  It is really an awesome site!  And did I mention that it is FREE?   lol